One of the most exciting benefits of meditation is problem-solving. With just a few minutes of meditation you will uncover something your logical mind wouldn’t think of. Since you will connect with your inner wisdom, meditation reduces your struggles in life.  By silencing your conscious mind, you can let go of your daily stress and depression because it raises your mental, physical, and emotional energy to manage your affairs. Quite simply, it will elevate well-being and boost your self-confidence because it will give you the skill to be centered, happy, and calm even in difficult situations.

One of the easiest ways to learn how to meditate properly is by listening to binaural beats because it uses various frequencies to help alter your brain waves to promote relaxation. These beats or cyclic pulsations are even used for treating physical rejuvenation and sleep disorder as it will help silence your conscious mind even without struggle or practice.

Focused or mindful breathing is also a popular method and it should not be underestimated because it can silence your mind and develop inner peace.  It is a preliminary or stand-alone practice but it can also be integrated into the complete practice of meditation.

  • Start by focusing on your breathing to allow you to enter into deep meditation. Allow yourself to relax as it is one of the positive side effects of meditation but don’t concentrate too hard on your breathing because it will stand in the way of relaxing.
  • Before deciding to meditate, set your intentions whether it’s to give yourself some personal space or help your body heal then let your meditation take its own course. Don’t be surprised if your mind drifts in a different direction because it’s perfectly normal.
  • After you have chosen a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe as deeply as possible. Hold it for a few seconds, exhale then repeat the process to help you focus. Since meditation is also about letting go, if your thoughts wander, just let go.
  • Imagine yourself going down the imaginary elevator concentrating on the number lighting up as the elevator descends and continue doing it until the elevator reaches the ground floor. By this time, you will not be thinking about anything else anymore.
  • Try to focus on the body part you want to relax and meditate on a place of total peace like the woods or the beach and meditate on this place as long as you want after all your muscle are relaxed.
  • Now, go back to that imaginary elevator and go up using the same technique as when you are going down. Don’t rush. This time you are getting out of the 10th floor. Now open your eyes and experience the tranquility.

Since meditation is a personal experience and as individual as you are, there is no proper way to do it no matter how other people attempt to compare their experience from one another.  A great starting point is guided meditation so that you will see the value of awareness and action when you practice regularly.

The meditation process may involve using a CD to guide you through your meditation to create a visual image for you to focus on. It may not at first feel natural to quiet the mind but you will ultimately find value in using it.  As you will not all be practicing the same meditation techniques, you will have to find one that suits your body and lifestyle.  While some people use a mantra, others will focus on a single point like breathing, or a candle flame, or better yet by the use of brainwave entrainment to help their brain get into the proper state. It stands to reason that none of these are right or wrong and there is no single “correct” way to meditate.

As innumerable forms of meditation have allowed the mystery of meditation to morph into the most natural way of being, you may be meditating naturally without you knowing it.  But there are doubts about how to meditate properly especially when you practice it without guidance, therefore, you have to try to find a good teacher that you respect with enough meditation experience to guide you. If you have little experience, you will find meditation at bit confusing at first so don’t hesitate to ask questions to ensure that you are using the right technique.  While it is possible to learn meditation on your own, many people found it easier to seek expert guidance at the initial stage to help clarify confusion when it arises.

These tips will make a big difference in learning how to meditate properly but remember that you are constantly learning and you will incessantly have a chance to improve when you faithfully practice.

  • Find the best location where you will not be disturbed because meditation requires a peaceful atmosphere or take part in meditation retreat so you will be surrounded by like-minded people and energy conducive to releasing your mind. Play meditative music or just enjoy the sound of the waters flowing, or the sound of nature, or in whatever form of relaxation.
  • While there are some postures that will help your meditation, don’t spend too much energy on your posture because it is possible to meditate while lying or standing as long as you are relaxed and comfortable for a prolonged period of time. As a beginner, it is better to focus on meditation techniques.
  • Constant practice is the best teacher because you will learn how to meditate properly and when you do it daily, meditation becomes second nature to you and part of your nature.
  • It may look very difficult and while you may not do it perfectly the first time you do it, constant practice is needed to make it perfect if you put your heart on it.
  • Enthusiasm is a big part of meditation because it will motivate you to improve your life.
  • Establish your own pace and grow from there as you progress then add more minutes to your practice because it’s of no use trying to meditate a lot of hours if you are not consistent with the practice.
  • See what works for you and adopt your own guidance because as you continuously practice you will see what helps you meditate properly. If you see that meditating early in the morning is better for you, try to do it and there are certain foods that don’t help you meditate then avoid them.