Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is for everyone and the benefits of practicing it regularly are vast.  Meditation is a concentrated communion with nature and with everything around you but there is so many different ways to meditate because there are also many types of personalities and a form of expression that satisfies one person will not necessarily satisfy another.   The best thing about meditation is that anyone can do it and it can be learned at almost any age and incorporated into your daily life. Meditation can help you in a multitude of ways and you can practice it either in the comfort of your own home or with a meditation group.

There are two main types of meditation. First, there is concentrative meditation which focuses attention either on an image, a sound/word, phrase or the rhythm of breathing to calm the mind for the emergence of greater clarity and awareness. For instance, when someone is angry, anxious, fearful or distracted they tend to breathe in a shallow, rapid and uneven manner. Whereas when somebody is calm, composed and focused, they tend to breathe slowly, deeply and in a regular manner.  Focusing on a continuous rhythm of inhaling and exhaling provides an object for meditation. As awareness is focused on breathing, the mind is absorbed into listening to the inhaling and exhaling rhythm, which results in breathing deeper and slower and a more aware but tranquil state of mind.

The second main type of meditation is mindfulness meditation, which involves focusing attention on becoming aware on the continuous passing of a multitude of images, feelings, thoughts, smells and sounds without becoming deeply involved with these. This could help in gaining a calmer, collected and non reactive mind set. This type of meditation can be compared to a wide angle lens as opposed to a regular lens. It is like being aware of the entire field instead of just seeing a specific object. Through these types of meditations you learn to acquire the relaxation response, be aware of your mind and how your attitude can produce stress. A meditation, by quieting the mind, gets you in tune with your inner physician and allows your body’s inner wisdom to be utilized.

In modern days, you may have forgotten the origins of meditation and its purpose because of the bustle of the modern life and the very fascinating and more understandable world of science. But, meditation is not just for gaining the meaning of life but for learning about your true self.


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