Positive Affirmations and Meditation

If you want positive change in your life, you must develop a positive and powerful attitude, turn failure to success and drive it to a new level. Developing positive thinking techniques is one of the most powerful life strategies to achieve what you want because it will help you develop your personal power to transform your health and renew your passion and joy for life. Affirmations are you being conscious of your thoughts. They are statements where you assert things to be true just like a prayer. Finding something to say that will make you feel good is the basic idea to meditating with positive affirmation or you may want to combine meditation with prayer.

Basically, the idea of meditating with positive affirmation is to find something to say that will make you feel good like combining prayer with meditation. It doesn’t matter which religion you worship, just take a religious saying that makes you feel good and keep repeating it. For example, if you are stressed out, you can either envision in your mind the word relax or try repeating the word. Just focus and believe in what you say in order to optimize the meditation because it will allow your left side of the brain to be quieter so that the message can reach the right side of your brain, and evolve into an emotional experience.

Positive affirmations are short positive statements used to reprogram your thought patterns and replace them with positive self-nurturing beliefs. Affirmations will work if you are determined to make changes and are more prepared to let go of the past. Remember, to always think and say positive affirmations to remind you to think consciously about your words and you will experience these changes to reflect our positive affirmation.

How deeply you held your beliefs and how determined you are at bringing that change in your life, will determine how quickly your affirmations will work for you. Some people have experienced instantaneous change because they believe it to be right for them. Therefore, it is not a question of time, but how prepared you are to embrace and accept change. However, you should be under no illusion that you will not be experiencing other issues in other aspects of your life because other issues will pop up but the joy is, now you have the knowledge and skills to deal with these issues effectively.

Affirmations will manifest a real change in your life and make you feel better about yourself if you use it correctly. By changing the way you think you will be reprogramming your mind and remove negative beliefs from sabotaging you again and will enable you to achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

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