What is Meditation?

Meditation means different things to different groups of people.  To grossly over-generalise, in the West, it tends to mean a concentrated state of mind in serious reflection while in the East, it tends to mean fixing the mind in a spiritual ideal and to be one with it.  Meditation is a proven alternative method of therapy and can be classified as a mind-body medicine. There are people who consider meditation as a prayer or worship but meditation is all about awareness and what you do with awareness is meditation, like listening to the birds or music as long as it’s done to free your mind from distractions.

Meditation is like training the mind to keep it healthy just like physical exercise to keep the body fit as through meditation it is possible to develop a positive and clear state of mind.  It’s not only about thinking good thoughts. It’s all about bringing the best in yourself, and your thoughts, as well as your emotions. Meditations are a way of life and a way of reducing anger, stress and other negative emotions around you and to grow in consciousness to help you become a compassionate, loving, and productive person.

Interestingly, a growing number of medical practitioners in various specialties prescribe meditation as a way for patients to lower their blood pressure, improve physical performance for people with various ailments, including cardiovascular disease. They also recommend it to people who suffer from asthma to help them breathe easier during an asthma attack. It is even recommended for relieving insomnia and for general relaxation because it is known as a safe and simple method for balancing the emotional, mental and physical states of a person.

Using meditation in healing has been used for as long as religion was first conceived as meditative techniques have been a product of diverse cultures rooted in the traditions of the world’s great religions.  All religious groups practice some kind of meditative ritual and they value meditation as a way for promoting healing and alleviating suffering, especially in impoverished nations.

Meditating is different from having a good rest or sitting pretty because silence without spiritual aspirations is unproductive.  Being aware of inner silence is hard to achieve and can be confused with being dull or soporific, which are clearly not objectives of meditation. However, by learning the regular series of balanced techniques, you will be able to liberate your body and mind as well as improve the quality of your consciousness.

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