What Meditation is not!

Only in meditation can we truly experience our full being, beyond all habitual patterns as it is a way of bringing ourselves back or awaken in us the nature of the mind. Meditation can improve the quality of life and decrease healthcare costs as it is an effective form of stress reduction, and help achieve a state of thoughtless awareness to neutralize stress without reducing effectiveness and alertness.  Authentic meditation is a profound, deep peace that will enable you to focus on the present rather than dwelling on the past or the future and it can be done while doing your day’s labors or while sitting in a lotus posture on the top of a mountain.

Before knowing about meditation, you have to familiarize yourself with its practices and beliefs which are often considered a meditation but are not meditation at all.

Meditation is just one form of concentration.

While concentration is constantly projecting your attention towards a particular activity or task, in meditation don’t need to choose anything to concentrate upon. Concentration is important for learning meditation but it is not meditation.

Meditation is NOT Relaxation.

Meditation will make you relax but meditation is not relaxation because while relaxation makes you calm as well as gives you serenity, the natural outcome of relaxation is meditation.

Meditation is NOT a religious practice

Meditation is not a ritual or a particular exercise and anybody can do it.  It is a quality of your existence and the awareness of your true self. It is not connected with any specific ritual or religion but requires genuine effort of your part to learn meditation.
Meditation is NOT a state of mind

A meditative state is not meditation, it is the state of mind in meditation and many gadgets in the market promise to take you to that meditative state. Meditation is the awareness of your true self.  While in the meditative state you become still, calm, and tranquil, in meditation you remain aware of the present moment where no gadget can create that “true awareness”.

Meditation is NOT self-hypnosis

While an initial period of concentration is required in both meditation and self-hypnosis, in hypnosis you enter into a state of semi-conscious trance and become unaware of the moment while in meditation you maintain awareness and stay conscious of the meditative process.

Meditation is NOT thinking

Meditation is the process of transcending the thought process because we realize that we are not just our mind and body but there exist an awareness independent of any kind of thought which is what meditation is all about.




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